Flow Media Marketing was formed to help bridge the gap between social media influencers and brands. 

We are guided by the belief that building relationships with influencers should be the core of any social media campaign.

In today's world these influencers may be bloggers with a passion for a specific topic, celebrities, or even other businesses who want to work with you as much as you want to work with them.

Our team could win in a social media smackdown against anyone in the industry today. But just because we've been doing "Social Media" since before the days of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram doesn't make us that much better. Instead, it is our insistance that each campaign strategy should be driven by data and a measurement plan to guide our tactics and prove results.

We look at social media marketing as leveraging whatever technology is available today to produce meaningful, data-driven results as part of your overall marketing strategy. We've done that since the late 1990's when some members of our team began building online communities to help promote video games and online tech companies. Since that time, members of the Flow Social Media team have lead Public Relations, Social Media, and Internet marketing programs at Fortune 500 companies including: Sears, Kmart, and Staples as well sector leading Lifestyle and Hospitality brands such as: ProFlowers, Shari's Berries, Personal Creations, RedEnvelope, DreamArcades, Barrington Pools, Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, and Tidewater Inn. 

In addition to our professional expertise as Internet Marketers, Flow Social Media also runs multiple industry leading travel websites, lifestyle blogs, and social media channels that have been cited by publications including LA Times, New York Times, Fox News, and ABC 20/20 as experts in the travel industry. These aren't just great sites but they are just another one of our strategic advantages to help your brand reach hundreds of thousands of people to help promote your brand immediately.