Chick Vacations

Womens Travel and Lifestyle
Womens Travel and perspectives on exploring new ideas, cultures, traditions, food, and people right here in the United States.


Men's Travel and Lifestyle Inspiration by James Hills
Traveling the United States and around the world including guys getaways, romantic escapes, road trips and time at home preparing for your next adventure.

Flow Voyages

Helping you build vacation memories at sea and on land.
Our travel agency is directly integrated into the travel and leisure content created by Flow Media Marketing while leveraging our expertise to create amazing vacations for our clients and community of engaged people from around the world.

Cruise West Coast

Community of cruise fans who love Pacific cruises from California, Washington State, and British Columbia.
West coast cruises are a different experience than Caribbean beach breaks. We love to promote the sensational natural beauty and bucket-list experiences you can experience in Alaska, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, Baja, and Pacific Coastal cruises.


Dad Blog featuring tips and advice from top male bloggers and influencers.
We are a combination of social club for male bloggers and influencers as well as a content site leveraging the decades of experience these men have to help younger guys be better dads, fathers, husbands, and leaders of tomorrow.

Couple Places

Relationship Building Through Improved Communication And Shared Travel Experiences
Heather and James have been married for 20 years and love traveling together. They firmly believe in the power of shared experiences as a way to build strong relationships and love to share what works.
Creating Unique Content And Building Pipes To Let It Flow ...
Our goal at Flow Media Marketing is to build unique and engaging content for internal properties as well as external partners. Content marketing is not necessarily the fastest tactic but it is among the most powerful ways to create demand and drive potential customers into the sales funnel.
Content, content, content! That's only part of the equation. Strategy is critical to helping brands create the right content at the right time and partner with influencers and other marketing platforms to let that content flow across the internet to create an impact on consumers. It's a simple concept yet many brands complete miss this opportunity to look at things holistically and instead simply look at tactics without considering strategy. That's where Flow Media Marketing can help small businesses as well as international corporations navigate the complicated landscape, create a successful media marketing strategy, create engaging content, and distribute it to the right people to help it spread even further.