Paragliding and Social Media aren't typically thought of as the same, but when you consider that both are activities that combine art and science, things start to make sense. 

I recently spent some time observing people at the Torrey Pines Gliderport in San Diego as they participated in the absolutely amazing and beautiful sport of paragliding. 

I'm really excited that most of the major cruise line companies seem to be working on ways to bring affordable, unlimited Internet packages to their ships. Sure, it may not happen tomorrow for every ship in the fleet but this is the sort of thing that can be a paradigm shift for the cruise industry in terms of revenue management onboard. 

Instagram is hot, we all know it but it is limited currently to mobile only. This means that if you want to upload photos you need to do so on your phone or tablet and login / logout if you want to manage multiple accounts. However, some enterprizing people have found ways arround that and we took them for a test drive review to see how they stack up!

If you are running a contest and the outcome is not what you expect, pleeeease do not change the rules!  Changing the rules during a contest/sweepstakes may seem like the answer but if you have anyone who already entered the contest you are setting your organization up for ridicule including bad PR, and a possible lawsuit.

I'll admit it ... I was once a firm advocate of the "old way" of doing PR. You know, that practice of reaching out with what you know is an earth shattering piece of news and hoping that the media would be willing to write about it and share how awesome your brand is. Sadly those days are long over and we live in a new media paradigm where professional media organizations have been largely replaced with bloggers and even those that still exist tend to rely heavily on sponsored content.